meet abby

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Abby Snyder

owner + Designer

It all started when a friend invited Abby to style her entry. At the time she had just left corporate America after nearly 10 years and was a full time mom of three. From a young age, interior design has been Abby’s passion - and she loved the idea of turning her passion into her work. As styling spaces for her friends turned into styling for friends of friends, Abby’s passion and client base grew, and Abby Snyder Design (now Snyder & Co.) was officially born in 2016.

As a self-taught designer, Abby's desire to learn keeps her focused and always wanting to know more. She has an eye for mixing patterns and textures, selecting timeless finishes and creating well balanced, functional spaces. Abby not only loves her job, but loves the impact she makes and building new friendships along the way. It’s about far more than just getting the design and style right—it’s about creating a personalized and affordable experience that brings your existing space to its fullest potential. Abby is happily building her interior design business from the ground up in Waukee, Iowa. A small town Iowa girl at heart, married to her high school sweetheart, Brett, and mom to Brady, Bo & Andi - her family, her work and her community are what drive her every day.


Meet the Team 


Michelle Rogers

account manager

Michelle and Abby moved in next door to each other 13 years ago and have been great friends ever since. She has spent many hours listening to Abby discuss her dream of opening an interior design business and talking through every detail of how it would work. When the business became a reality and began to grow, Michelle was an obvious first addition to the team. At Snyder & Co. Michelle is the utility player and leader of all things "let’s figure it out as we go and then rework it when we find a better way” - from assisting Abby and Jaime on the job, to shopping for clients, to managing accounts, she is a big part of what keeps the business running smoothly. Michelle is a former teacher and a full time mom. She enjoys traveling, volunteering in the Waukee community, and spending time with her husband Tony and their three boys Grady, CJ and Cooper.

Jaime Secory


Jaime’s love for design started young—as a child, she would play “architect,” pretending to create home layouts for her family and friends (and going through plenty of blueprints on grid paper!). That love translated to her adult life, when she had the opportunity to both build her own custom home and remodel an existing home. Through both processes, she found that her true passion lived in remodeling. She loves seeing an older home get renewed life, whether that is as extensive as moving walls or as simple as rearranging furniture. With a background in business and law, she naturally finds joy in the research and the “little things,” and she approaches design much the same way. She specializes in finding different techniques or materials not commonly used for their traditional “purpose” and utilizing them in her designs—and the end result is totally worth it! Jaime currently lives in Waukee with her husband and two daughters, Gretta and Ingrid.

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Nikki Opsal

As Snyder & Co. continues to grow, Nikki's role in the company continues to evolve. Currently, she helps run the LIKEtoKNOW.it app and is assisting with new client management. Nikki was a junior high teacher before staying home with her children. Now that her kids are all in school, she occasionally works as a substitute teacher. She also volunteers at her children's school and is part of the Waukee Schools Foundation Board of Directors. Nikki lives in Clive with her husband, Jeff, and their three children.